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Playing on ships: A unique experience

on Board

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Musicians On Board is a space created by musicians that have had the unique experience of playing music on cruise ships.

Courses and Lessons

Intensive: Duration 3 months.

This course is oriented towards players that have a good amount of experience in different musical fields, that may have worked as session musicians, playing live, and have studied improvisation for several years and have been part of a jazz ensemble.

Intermediate: Duration 6 months.

This course is oriented towards players that have experience as a session musician or playing live, having played in some sort of jazz combo or rock/pop band. It is not necessary to have studied improvisation, but it helps!

Annual : Duration 12 months.

This course is oriented towards players with only a small amount of experience in different fields, as a session musician, or playing live. Maybe you’ve studied a little improvisation, but haven’t been a part of a jazz ensemble.


Tomas Calarco (Argentina):

Great classes with a ton of material and all the necessary information to audition for and survive future jobs aboard!

Juan Ignacio Vazquez (Argentina):

These classes were essential in order for me to be working as part of an orchestra on Princess Cruises today. It’s a job that requires a diverse palette of information and a wide array of knowledge. Pablo is super-practical and organized in his teaching style; he knows exactly what you need and how to help you to achieve it. Thanks to his classes, I was able to prepare myself much more quickly than I could have done on my own, and I arrived at the ship knowing exactly how to do my job. Every time I have to read a new chart I remember his tips and his advice. Thank you Pablo!!

Lucian Langorta (Uruguay):

After many months of online classes, I can say that my experience was more than positive and I could not be happier. From the moment that I made the decision to try and work as a cruise ship musician (already having worked as a guitarist for 10 years without any formal academic study), I understood the importance of finding a teacher with experience in the field -- someone that could quickly identify what I needed to work on and the knowledge that I needed to gain. Thanks to these classes, I have been able to focus my studies in the most effective way, improving my technique, comprehension, musical appreciation, as well as learning basic concepts of the diverse genres that a cruise ship musician needs to know. It’s also worth mentioning Pablo’s friendly demeanor, kindness and adaptability. His experience as a teacher allows him to adjust the classes to each student’s needs.

If you’ve read this far, you’re ready to begin prepping! Please feel free to contact us and start on this adventure!