Created by musicians that have had the unique
experience of playing music on cruise ships.

We came up with the idea to create this community after many long conversations with fellow musicians who were interested in this type of gig, but didn’t know where to begin.
We were constantly asked all kinds of questions: “What is life like onboard?” “What type of shows do you play?” “Do you have to be a good sight-reader?” (YES - you do!) “What kind of charts do you play?” “What’s the repertoire like?” among many others.
Because of this, Guitarists On Board was formed so that we could not only better answer these questions, but we could begin to properly and professionally prepare musicians to become successful cruise ship performers. We started, of course, with guitarists, but have expanded to other instruments as well.
Our purpose is to prepare you in all possible ways for this challenge, to the best of our abilities, and our goal is for you to be working on ships as soon as possible!
We are ready to put all of our knowledge and energy towards making this happen! Come and join us on this adventure!

Pablo Nava

Is a musician and guitarist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In Buenos Aires, he studied for several years at the School for Contemporary Music (EMC), which was part of the Berklee network, and then graduated from The Avellaneda Popular School of Music (EMPA) with a degree in Jazz.
He started his career as a professional musician at the age of 20, playing with different jazz combos all around Buenos Aires and performing as a session player.
In 2013, the opportunity to play on ships arrived. He first started working on Carnival Cruise Lines and had the opportunity to play all around the Caribbean and to get to know and play with many members of an international community of musicians.
Then he joined Princess Cruise Lines and furthered his travel experience around Europe and continued to meet and work with more distinguished musicians.
Pablo now lives in Argentina where he is an active musician in the local scene. He also conducts and develops the classes and coursework for Guitarists On Board.

If you’ve read this far, you’re ready to begin prepping! Please feel free to contact us and start on this adventure!